First author, year Age, sex Surgery/procedure Comorbid conditions Recommendations/conclusions
Adler, 2021[@137832] 56, male Partial penectomy ESRD, diabetes, hypertension Penectomy may confer infectious source control and improve patient quality of life in penile calciphylaxis with a high risk of progression.
Diasty, 2021[@137813] 39, female Mitral valve replacement and tricuspid valve repair Posttransplant ESRD, hyperparathyroidism, hypertension, anemia, mitral stenosis, tricuspid regurgitation Exposure to calciphylaxis risk factors should be minimized during surgery for high-risk patients.
Horishita, 2004[@137823] 43, male Left lower-extremity amputation ESRD Laser Doppler flowmetry is a useful tool for monitoring peripheral blood flow to prevent intraoperative ischemia.
Kriskovich, 2000[@137806] 53, female Subtotal parathyroidectomy ESRD Early diagnosis and surgical intervention may be beneficial for survival. Parathyroidectomy may be safely performed in this patient population without increased complication rates.
Kriskovich, 2000[@137806] 77, female Subtotal parathyroidectomy ESRD, diabetes, hypertension See above.
Kriskovich, 2000[@137806] 53, male Subtotal parathyroidectomy ESRD See above.
Kriskovich, 2000[@137806] 30, female Total parathyroidectomy ESRD See above.
Kriskovich, 2000[@137806] 58, female Subtotal parathyroidectomy ESRD See above.
Naik, 2004[@137807] 43, female Surgical debridement, total thyroidectomy and parathyroidectomy ESRD, diabetes, morbid obesity, hyperparathyroidism Aggressive wound debridement and excision of necrotic tissue is warranted to prevent disease progression.
Naik, 2004[@137807] 50, female Surgical debridement, excision of necrotic fat tissue ESRD, diabetes, morbid obesity See above.
Naik, 2004[@137807] 70, male Surgical debridement, subtotal parathyroidectomy ESRD, diabetes, morbid obesity, coronary artery disease, hyperparathyroidism See above.